Puyang Kangwei Petroleum Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd.,

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Puyang Kangwei Petroleum Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Iocated in Puyang city, was established in 1993. We have fixed assets of more than 1.6 million RMB and annual turnover over 8 million RMB. The company possesses more than 40 manufacturing facilities including several precise, large –sized and rare facilities. The products have formed series of more than three hundred varieties including wellhead assembly, choke & kill manifold,mud manifold, valve,fitting parts of drill/production for petroleum and fitting parts of petrol-chemical pipe . Products of our company have a ready market in dozens of factories in our country such as Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Henan, Hubei, Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Jilin, Shanxi, Sha’anxi, Ningxia etc..
   We have established a complete set of quality control system, andpassed ISO9001:2000 Quality Guarantee System, we insist on perfecting the quality system, specification of proceeding document and interior management standard to ensure the system run in effect. At the same time we arrange the design,manufacture and inspection of the product in strict accordance with the requirement of the product specification .
   In order to meet the need of High-tech production, the company has established the machinery research institute and the technological testing center, which has a complete testing measure and the capacity to research and manufacture various machinery products. and we have a lot of salesman who are familiar with Petrol-chemical marketing situation.
   We will stand by the undertakings to provide the products of high quality and best price and the after-services which users are satisfied with. with all our hearts, welcome each customer be present here for cooperation to seek the development together.
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East of the middle part of National highway 106, Hualong District, Puyang City, Henan [457001]
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